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Wiz/Sorc Poradnik
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Dołączył: 09 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob 14:36, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu: Wiz/Sorc Poradnik

nie wiem czy to forum mam byc strict polskie , jezeli nie to moge wstawic bardzo dobry poradnik dla wizarda i sorc tyle ze po angielsku.

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Skąd: Legnica village

PostWysłany: Sob 15:55, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

Podstawowa dewiza - lepiej mieć coś po angielsku, niż nie mieć nic.
Wklejaj i nie przejmuj się niedouczonymi. Oczywiście zachęcam do przetłumaczenia tekstu, w ramach wolnego czasu (nie każdy zna angielski perfekcyjnie, a zalecam otwartość względem jeszcze się uczących Wink ).


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Dołączył: 09 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob 16:01, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

The mentality of the DDO Mage
Are you some one that love to plan a head. To have a great knowlege so you can take with you just the right thing you nead on the adventure. Do you like to walk a round slowly knowing yoy have a great power that you can use. Do you have the disipline to to use if untill it take the greates effect managing you resources right. Do you think it's find seeing other running a round fighting the lesser enemies standing still just waiting becouce you know you got the power ones there will come a hord or them or a extra strong.
Then you are the right type for a Wizard: adaptive, planing, resource management. Continue to read

Don't you like to plan a head. Don't you like to know lots of spell. But found you fallen in love with a special kind of magic.
The magic of the death and the undead - necromancy
The magic of influencing and controlling you enemies . encchantment
The magic of creating things a summoning mosters to fight for you - conjuration
The magic of using the elements fire, cold or electicy to deal direct damage - evocation.
Or you are a part of a Warforged guild specilizing to be a great repairer.
And you have the ablity to manage your resources.
Then you are the right type for a Sorcerer: focused, dedicated at a few things, resource management. Continue to read

Are you a impatient person? If you see a monster you think is a pain not blasting it with fire. Do you like to do steady damage? Then the Sorcerer and Wizard are not for you my friend. Take a close look to some of the other classes like Ranger and Fighter.

Attackbonus, saves,armor,weapons,skills and feats

Both classes have the worst attack bonus. (So as you lvl upp the you will be worse and worse to be able to hit monsters compare to the other classes)
The have all the same "saves". Good resistans against Charm but bad against poison and bad reflexes.
Both have the lowest hitpoints in the game (4 per lvl). They can use on armor. And if they learn to use armor some % of there spell will fail.
Wizards know club, dagger, crossbow and quarter staff. And Sorcere know all simple weapons.
(They can use other weapon but they will get a -4 penalty when hit with it.)
Both have the same basic few skill point to use to learn skills (2 + bonus if high intelligence)/lvl
But as Wizards usually are a lot more intelligent than Sorcerer they are also more skilled.
Wizards has 6 feats (11 feats at lvl 20). Some of the feats can only be used to improve magic abilities.
Sourcer has 4 feats (7 feats at lvl 20).

A DDO Mage - buffing, crowedcontroll, summon monster etc. But use the limited spellpoints with care

You nead to choice wisely when to cast you spell.
I some game to be Mage is like being a Archer but without a bow. You stand in the back and cast fireballs instead of arrows. But that playstile is reserved for Archer in DDO. The Mages have a different way.
One of the 8 Schools of Magic have mostly direct damage dealing spell.
The rest of the spells are about crowd controll, buffing you friends, debuffing
you enemies, summoning monster to fighter for you. etc. For more info see section 3.
The spells are powerful but you have limited supply of spellpower (spellpoints). Each spell cost some spell point. And the important thing is that the spell point don't get up when you rest.
The is 3 way to get the spell point back:
1) Fail the quest and restart
2) Mana portions (and you can afford them at low lvl:s)
3) Coming to a restskrin (and maybe there is just one in you questarea).

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Dołączył: 09 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob 16:03, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

Bend you Mage as you like
"pure" mage
If you like to have a "pure" DDO Mage way - bigger power to be used on fewer times - then max you spellcasting ability out.
This can be done buy
a) Having a high number in you key stat (int/charisma)
b) Taking enhancement that increase the spellpool (key stat)
c) Taking meta magic see section 3
b) Getting items that increase key stat (int/charisma)
b) Using Wand

Or something else ...
But maybe you like to be something else. Then you use your feats, skillpoints and abilities to bend the Mage in a nether direction.
For example if like to do more constant damage. Become a Magic that use bow. Put some points in dexterity ( se below)
and take some feats that make you a better Archer. There is 7 feats at improve ablity in range attacks, you can take some of them.

The diffrence beteen Wizard and Sorcerer
The Wizard and the Sorcerer can learn exactly the same spells.

So what's the defence between the Wizard and the Sorcerer?

There is a big difference.
The Wizard can know ALL spells. But the Sorcerer can only know a small subset of the spells.
So why do any one become a Sorcerer? Because he will be able to cast the few spell that he knows more often. He also will cast his spells faster ( clearest seen on slow spells like summoning).

So a Sorcerer picking his Spells is like fighter picking his feats. The one that you picks he know and can use.
The Sorcerer is a specialist, a focused Mage.

The Wizard can learns all the spells. He takes a subset of them with him on each "quest".
But as he can switch the subset for next quest (or at the restskrin), so he will be more versatile. The Wizard is an adaptive Mage.

The key attribute for a Wizard is intelligence and that the "rollplaying" reason why he can learn so much.
The key attribute for Sorcerer is Charm and his power come from within (maybe he as dragon blood) and that is the "role-playing"
reason why he know what he know but can't learn any more.

Wizard or Sorcerer. Wich one is best (for me) ?

1) I like to swich spell between quest. I think it's fun read the quest desicription and find out wich spell to pick in this quest. And in the midle of the quest at the restscrin I can swich out for even better spells. I will kepp good track of the 100 spells and know each one buy hart.
-> Pick Wizard and never chance. You are a Wizard at heart.

2) I like to specializ. I have a clear view what I like to do. I will pick one school (necromancerm, conjurer, enchanter or evoker) and focus at it.
-> Pick Sorcerer. Read the spell description close before.

3)I don't know so much about the spell. And I think it's hard to read about them. I like to try them. But swiching spell in the midle seams hard I will nerver no the spell that good.
-> Start with a Wizard. When you haver tried a few lvl so you know what you like. Drop the Wizard and start a Sorcerer.

4) I don't like to swich spell. But I whant to have the most powerfull spell possible. I have huge amont of time.
-> Start with a Wizard. Let him lern every spell in the game. Try out each spell. Drop the Wizard and start a Sorcerer taking the spell that you view as most powerfull.

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Dołączył: 09 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob 16:04, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

Strength: With no armor and little melee combat this is not important.
Dexterity : Of importence for the Archer Mage. The Mage that put effort in making range damage with bow.
Also useful when using spells that require ranged touch attacks (to avoid getting hit).
Intelligence: Key attribute for Wizard. A cracter also get more skillpoints/lvl if he/she is more intelligent. Also increase possibility of some skills -like repaire - to work.
Constitution: Increase hitpoints and make concentration capacity when casting spells higher. Also increase possibility skill concentration skill to work.

Charisma: Key attribute for Sorcerer. Also increase possibility of "face" skills -like bluff - to work.
Wisdom: Usefully for more resistance against Charm. Not a key attribute.
The key attribute effect the possibility to resist the spell. (saves)

class Skills.
Both the DDO Mages have concentration as a class skill. High concentration make the chance higher that you will not be interuptem when casting a spell if you are getting hit.
Wizard has repaire as a class skill. The repaire skill make it possible for you to get a Warforge with negative hitpoint up to hitpoint 1. The higher the repaire skill is the higher the change is the you will succeed. The highest repaire skill in the party also effekt how much hitpoints a Warforged will get back att the restpoint.
Sorcere has Bluff as a class skill. Bluff allows the character to deceive certain NPCs, or make a monster vulnerable to a sneak attack.

all skills

A DDO Mage only get 2 skillpoint/lvl(+ bonus if high intelligence + ev race bonus). So if you have a Intelligence of 10 as none-human Sorcerer it's possible to put all you skillpoints in you class skills.
But a Wizard usally have a start Intelligence between 16 and 18. So he will get more skillpoints then he can use up in his classskills. All skills are listed below.

Intelligence modified skills:
Repair (class skill Wizard)
Disable Device

charisma modified skills:
Bluff (class skill Sorcerer)
Use Magic Device

Constitution modified skills:
Concentration (class skill both Sorcerer and Wizard)

Dexterity modified skills:
Tumble, Balance, Hide, Open Lock, Move Silently

Strength modified skills:

Wisdom modified skills:

For description se: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Dołączył: 09 Mar 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob 16:08, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

Sorcerer focused, Wizard adaptive
Focused Sorcerer
Section 1b diffrent types of Sorcerer
As said above Sorcere has only selects a tiny part of the spells available.
At lvl 15 he/she has about 15% of the spells.
So the spell selection is realy importent for a Sorcerer.
There is some diffrent ways to select the spells.
1) Pick 1 Schoole as you focus and compelent from the other.
Then you take spell focus in that school if that is a benifit.
Necromancy School school has 11 spell in. The are buffs, crowd controll, damage etc. A specialized in that school is called: necromancer
Conjuration School school has 16 spell in. There is Summoning, buffs, crowd controll etc. A specialized in that school is called: conjurer
Enchantment School has 17 spell in. There is Crowd controll and debuff. A specialized in that school is called: enchanter
Evocation School has 17 spell in. Mainly about damage. A specialized in that school is called: evoker

2) Pick a type of spells:
In theory you could create a buffer Sorcerer (there is plenty of buffs to pick from). About 30% of the spell are buffs.
You could create a Crowd controll Sorcerer. About 20% of the spell are about this.
Or a direct damage Sorcerer. About 15% of the spell are about that.
The Sorcerer that weakens the enemy (debuff) is a nother possiblity 10% of the spells are about that.
A nother option is to creat a summoning Sorcerer. 5% of the spells
are about that.
You can complement one of a above with the repairing Sorcerer. As 5% of the spell are repair spells.
And there is some spell that is not easy to put inte the categories above like Detect Secret Doors.

Too think about if you pick spells from diffrent Schools
If you stick to one School - like enchanter - you will alwyas have the latest spell in that School.
But then you complement that School with spell from other schools. Or if you pick spell from diffrent Schools you nead to check if the spell you take "scale". Does the spell scale. That mean is it usefull 2-3 lvl:s after you picket it and even more powerfull then.
If foucs on one school you are not as dependent on Scaling. The summoning spell don't scale. But if you -like a conjurer - take every summoning spell. You always have the latest.

1c Complement you School

Even if you focus on one School it can be good to use a few of you spell slots on some thing else.
As a enchanter it can be good to complement with some crowd controll spells from other school and a few direct damage spells.
As a conjurer you damage spell (eg summon) is slow so there could be nice to complemet with a fast casted damage spell.
As a evocater you could benefit from compelemt with a few crowd controll spells.

1d Tactic for the Solo quest for diffrent types of Sorcerer

The first 2 quest you will do are solo quest. For some classes like Cleric they are a "walk in the park". Or others like a Rogue focused on int and charisma they are extremly hard. To make them doable for a Sorcerer you nead to take one of you first to spell as a damage spell. I give some exampels:

First 2 quests as necromancer.
You Chill Touch as one of you first spells. The other can be Ray of Enfeeblement or Cause Fear.
Chill Touch deal good damge. So when you nead to kill a monster you klick tab (to target him). Then you kick the "Chill Touch" button on you hotbar. One the target are close enough the spell will work and buy good chance he is killed with one shot.

First 2 quests asconjurer
Pick Summon monster I as one of you first spells. The other could be any of the conjurer first lvl spells.
To do the quests is all about having one monster summon during the encounter. In critical situations you can have 2 monster as you as a Sorcerer have faster spell casting (compared to Wizard).

First 2 quests as evocater.
2 of the spells Burning Hands, Magic Missile and Shocking Grasp as your first spells.
All this spells deal damage. And you realy only nead to use one of them to finish the quest. You could use Shocking Grasp the same way as I descibed Chill Touch for the necromancer above. Magic Missile deal less damage but works in range. Burning Hands deals less damage on single target but is a close AoE spell.

First 2 quest as enchanter
If you like to take the easier way you one pick one enchanter spell (ex hypnotism) at the start. And take a direct damage spell as you 2nd spell. This will make the 1st quest easier to do.

But you can pick hypnotism and sleep as your fist 2 spells. None of this spell deal damage. In a party you are going to rely on others for the damage part. As you are going for crowed controll spells. But her you only have you crossbow to deal damage with so this will be significat harder then the others to Solo with. When you do the first quest you should not use any of the sleep spells as they use upp sand. And you will nead that later. Use you staf to kill the monster in the 1st quest to save the bolts for the 2nd one.
To kill the monsters in the 2nd quest. Cast hypnotism at long range. If the monster saves be quick to cast a 2n time. If the distance is long enoug you will have 3 chances to hypnose him before you nead to run. Hp is more valueble than mana so run and try to hypnos again when you get enoug distance if you get more then 3 saves on a road. After you hypnotism succeded cast a sleep spell. Then wait untill he is fully a sleep (he is laying down and circle is gone) before you start hitting with you crossbow. Usally he gets killed on the first shot as he is at sleep. But if you are unlucky you might nead to hypnose him again. If they don't make the quest easier in after the version I tested it's likely that you nead to try more than one time learning where each monster apear. As you nead more sand then remeber to buy sand buy the general vendor at the hardor so you don't run out of it. As long as you succed getting to the chest you will get enoug money buy selling the things to get more sand. And you got some cash from the first quest to start with.
If you like a spoiler to defite the boss read () comments. If not jump to section 1d. (Warning spoiler. The last Bost is(was) imune to enhancments. That bosses have high saves is common. To defit this one you nead to jump on to the cliff besides the fire. Standing upp there the boss will not jump after you. And you can just stand there using you bow to kill him. end spoiler. Thanks to Darkdancer for spoiler info : [link widoczny dla zalogowanych])

Wizard a adaptive generalist
Adaptive - swiching spell
If you have read the section about and don't feel like you whant to specialize in one area (like crowdcontroll, summoning, debuffing or direct damage). Then you are more of a Wizard type.
Or mabe you feel that you whant to buff more. As the biggest group of spells for a DDO Mage is buffs you will have greate many spells buffs available as a Wizard. You can bring the one 2 buffs with you that fit you best.
You read in the quest you will meat fire creature. Bring fire resistence buff. And swapp away all the evocer direct damage spell that deal fire damage. And take spells with a nother form of damage with you.

Generalist - scribe spells

As a Wizard you learn a few spell as you lvl upp.
But the most spells you have to learn by scribe spells.
To scribe spell you nead to components:
scribing material
Scroll with the spell.
The spell nead also to be on the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list as you can learn other classes spells even if you have a Scroll of them.
Scroll are often find in chest but you and also buy them from some vendors.
Scribing material you mostly have to buy from vendors even if you get a few of them from chests.

There is a specific "scribe" button . If you don't have it on you not bar you can take it from the "feat" tab. (press ctrl-C to se the feat tab).
The you can drag the the "scribe" from the feat bar to you hot bar.

To scribe a spell you:
a) need to have the spell in your inventory ( Ex sleep) .
b) need to have the proper spell inscription material (ex lvl 1 inscription material) in your inventory.
c) need to press the "scribe" on you hot bar.
After you done it you can check in you "spell book" and see the new spell

Where do I buy inscription material?
1) At Dagoward's Apothecary (the potion shop) from Pyrewright the Arcane Reagent Vendor in the main harbor area. ( level 1 and level 2 inscription material)
2) In the market tent.

Can I scribe spells that are higher level than I can use?
Yes. But you can't see them in you spellbook ( At least not when I wrote this).
But can't I choice them buy mistac then when I lvl upp?
No. They will not show upp in the list.

Thanks to
10th level Wizard for the original info [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostWysłany: Sob 16:09, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

1f Multiclassing the Arcane caster?

The first thing to think about when you reflect about multicasting a Mage is if the Bard class can do it better then the multiclass. A Bard is a arcane caster like Wizard and Sorcerer. A Bard can heal . And he has a lot of skillpoints (for stealth etc). If the Bard don't fit then there is some other options.

The Mage that can Disable Device, Open Lock and Seach.
A Rogue have a few unique skills as class skill. If you like to have a Mage that can max this skills out then you could take one lvl of Rogue (referable 1 lvl) and then continue with Wizard. A Wizard have lots of skillpoint becource of his high intelligence. And you will nead to put the dubble skillpoints as it's closs-class skill if you just take one lvl of Rogue.
2 skillpoint per lvl you could max one cross skill out. As a Wizard that starts with with 18 int you will have 6 skillpoints per lvl from start. If you take int 17 you will have 5. But you will get enhancments in int and Every four level you are also getting 1 bonus point to asign to you ability. So at lvl 9 you can easy having int 22. That will give you +8 skillpoints per lvl on higher lvl:s.
Using 6 skillpoint per lvl to max Disable Device, Open Lock and Seach.
Disable Device and Seach are both int based skills. So becource of you high int you will be in about as good at seach and Disable Device as a dexterity based Rogue (even if he max his enhancment out). But Open Lock are dexterity based. So you might getting trubbel opening some locks design for high lvl pure Rogue later on (becource of the enhancment they are getting).
[If some one have tried Open Lock with a Rogue with dex 10 at lvl 10 without
enhancment in Open Lock please make a post in this thread and tell]
If you like to make out more Rogue skills out you could of course max out more Rogue skills. Just be ware that you lose out of the higher lvl spells if you are taking more lvl:s as a Rogue. (Sorcerer is not a good multiclass with Rogue as Sorcerer is not as intelligent as Wizards).

The Mage with the greates save bonus
If you pick 2 lvl of paladin you will gain Divine grace (and Lay on Hands). Divine grace gains the caracter saving throw bonus (on all saves) equal to his/her Charisma. As Sorcerer are charming people they will get greate save buy this. But be ware Sorcere already get high lvl spells one lvl later then Wizard. With this multiclass he will get them three lvl:s later.
If you like to use heavy armor now and then there is a few spell that don't use a Somatic components (like Feather Fall and Otto’s Resistible Dance).

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PostWysłany: Sob 16:14, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

Wizard har many feat that can be use to adapt there spellcasting.
Wizards has 6 feats (11 feats at lvl 20).
2 feats (4 at lvl 20) can only be used on Metamagic feats.
Sorcerer don't have so many feats so he nead to slect them carfully
so they support his the spell he has selected.
Sourcer has 4 feats (7 feats at lvl 20).

Section 3 Metamagic & other spell feats (except spell focus)
Originally Posted by Alchemy101

Empower Spell
…PnP: +50% variable numerical values
…Cost: x2 SP (2 levels higher)

Enlarge Spell
…PnP: +100% target range, no effect on non-close, medium, long range spells, on change to area of effect (to my knowledge)
…Cost: 1.5x SP (1 level higher)

Eschew Materials (not really a metamagic feat)
…PnP: Cast without material component of less the 1 gp in value
…Cost: 1.3x SP

Extend Spell
…PnP: +100% duration
…Cost: 1.5x SP (1 level higher)

Heighten Spell
…PnP: Increases effective spell level
…Cost: 2.5x SP [thanks to Finn Blacke] (same a heightened level)

Maximize Spell
…PnP: All numerical values are set to their maximum value
... DDO: Actually Maximize does x2 damage instead of the maximum damage
…Cost: 3x SP (3 levels higher)

Quicken Spell
…PnP: Cast as a swift action, accelerated casting
…Cost: 2x SP (4 levels higher)

Silent Spell
…PnP: Cast without verbal component
…Cost: Not in DDO

Still Spell
…PnP: Cast without semantic competent
…Cost: Not in DDO

Widen Spell
…PnP: +100% of spell area of effect
…Cost: Not in DDO

My comments:

I did not experiment much with this feat. However, in principle I feel it a bit costly. I would rather cast the spell twice. The only time I could justify the SP cost is if you do more damage in a short period of time. (i.e. more damage per cast, sacrificing SP)

At only 1.5x the cost, it is very reasonable. Since most mages are not up close and personal, I could see this being used a far amount. As per PnP it has no effect on touch ranged spells. I did not have time (10 days expired yesterday) to fully experiment with touch spells. Could anyone confirm or refute its effect on touch spells?

Although not a metamagic, I included it here because of its 1.3x casting cost. I can’t justify this feat. Components are so cheap and weigh virtually nothing that I just buy my spell components in volume.

I feel this is a must have feat, especially for a spell caster planning on using a lot of buff spells. x2 duration at 1.5x cost is so cheap.
Oddity: This feat did not seem to extent the time of my summon monster, perhaps my imagination. Could someone confirm or refute this?

Honestly I did not experiment with this feat at all. I only had 10 days. I hope someone else could comment on the cost and usefulness of this feat.

In my conversation with other mages in the game, this seemed to be the most popular metamagic feat. However, I can’t seem to justify the cost, x3 SP. Again I would rather cast the spell 3-times. However, it could be handy when you need to dish out a lot of damage in a short period of time, similar to Empower. I am not sure if I would want Empower or Maximize. I see not point in taking both, an assured 150% damage at a cost of 6-time the SP just does not seem worth it.

In casting summon monster I with quicken I did not have much of an effect; I am hopeful it was just a bug. If there was a quickening effect for some of the faster spells (magic missile, burning hands, etc.) I did not notice it.

Silent, Still, Widen:
Are not in DDO, at least not during the 10 days I played.

Other spell specific feats:

Magical Training
"This feat increases the maximum spell points at 1st level depending on class."

Mental Toughness
"This feat Increases the characters maximum spell points by 10 at first level, and 5 spell points for each additional level."

Improved Mental Toughness
"This feat increases the characters spell points by +5 each level and stacks with Mental Toughness."

Cast on the Run
"This feat allows the caster to move slowly while casting a spell."

Improved Cast on the Run
"This feat allows the caster to move about faster when casting a spell."

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PostWysłany: Sob 16:17, 11 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

b]Section 3b spell focus [/b]

Spell Focus
"This feat makes it harder for enemies to resist the casters spells. It adds +1 to the difficulty of the spell.
The available choices are:

Spell Focus makes it harder for enemies to resist the casters spells in that school the schools that benfit most from it it the school deals with crowd controll, weaking the enemy (debuff) or damage. It's 3 school that's
mainly about that marked with a * below. (The others 3 schools that have many spells are mostly about buffing or summoing.)


A necromancer is a Mage specialized in Necromancy School.
He has acces to the most spell in the Necromancy School and have Spell Focus in Necromancy School to make the effect of debuff, Crowdcontroll and damage spells higher.
(OBS all numbers below are from D&D 3.5 rules. So if some numbers have chance in DDO (I suppose they don't chance the numbers) it's not here.
And the PnP Touch is translated to close in DDO.)

Necromancy School:

Spells that manipulate, create, or destroy life or life force. This could be or diffrent types damage,
weaken enemy (debuff) or crowd control. Some of the only effect Undead.

A conjureris a Mage specialized in Conjuration School.
He has acces to the most spell in the Conjuration School.
Spell Focus is not that usefull of him as Summoning is not effected by spell focus.

Conjuration School:
Spells that summon monsters a lot of buffs and some other.
All are spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster.

A enchanter is a Mage specialized in Enchantment School.
He has acces to the most spell in the Enchantment School and have Spell Focus in Enchantment School to make the effect of debuff and Crowdcontroll.

Enchantment School:
Spells that imbue the recipient with some property or grant the caster power over another being.
This is mostly crowd controll but sometime something that weaking the enemy(debuff).

A evokeris a Mage specialized in Evocation School.
He has acces to the most spell in the Evocation School and have Spell Focus in Evocation School to make the effect of damage spells higher.

Evocation School:
Spells that deal damage. The damage is of diffrent typs: fire, electricity,sonic or cold.
only direct damage fire

Spell lists (spells ordered by school):
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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No to by bylo na tyle , teraz widac czemu nie chcialo mi sie tego tlumaczyc Smile
Staralem sie pogrubic kazda z sekcji , jezeli gdzies sie walnolem prosze o poprawe Smile

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nie prosciej bylo wkleic linka do tego "poradnika" ? Smile

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w sumie prosciej ale nie bylem pewien czy kazdy moze czytac fora nie bedac zarejestrowanym tam , tak wiec nie chcialem wklejac linka z ktorego nie moznaby bylo kozystac Smile

Oto link [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Chlopaki,to ma byc pomoc dla graczy? Ja jej akurat nie potrzebuje ale co ma powiedziec ktos mlody,ktory sie dopiero wciaga w RPG,akurat przy tej grze i napotyka taka pomoc tutaj,w dodatku po angielsku,ktorego niestety nie kazdy zna (ja znam) na tyle aby to przetlumaczyc? Doceniam wasza chec pomocy ale chyba lepiej bedzie napisac cos od siebie,to da wiecej,takie jest moje zdanie.Ja dorzuce cos od siebie w wolnym czasie. Pozdrawiam

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Gra jest po angielsku, jest troche czytania, więc jeśli ktoś chce wiedzieć 'ocb' to powinien znać ang. w stopniu ponadpodstawowym, ja sam nie jestem jakimś asem z tego języka, ale większość rozumiem. Pozostałe wyrazy zawsze mogę przetłumaczyć. Jeśli ktoś jest leniwy to może użyć translatorów. Smile
Co do pisania poradników w języku ojczystym, to jeśli komuś się nudzi, to może przetlumaczyć już istniejące, bo pisanie nowych mija się z celem, aczkolwiek chętnie poznam nową wizję np. nt. wizarda tanka. Smile
W sieci jest bardzo dużo różnych tutoriali nt. tworzenia papierowych bohaterów d&d, więc śmiało można to wykorzystać to w ddo. WYstarczy zebrać je w jednym miejscu - na forum i mamy almanah gracza.

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PostWysłany: Wto 23:06, 14 Mar 2006    Temat postu:

a moze ktos poprostu napisac z grubsza PO POLSKU czym roznia sie te klasy? Ich zalety i plusy? Bylbym baardzo wdzieczny.

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