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Warforged are sentient "living constructs" similar to golems but capable of independent thought, first invented thirty years ago during the Last War by House Cannith. In the truce ending the Last War the construction of new warforged was banned and the existing ones were given freedom. They are the newest intelligent race of Eberron and don't yet have a well-defined place in the various civilizations of the world. With the loss of their regimented and well-regulated military lifestyle individual warforged have had to develop their own goals in life.

Shifters, or "weretouched", are a true race that developed through the breeding of humans and lycanthropes resulting in a superficially human form with somewhat "animalistic" features. They have the ability to temporarily gain an increase in speed, a natural weapon (bite or claw), greater climbing ability, or other abilities as appropriate to their individual heritage. Shifters can only do this for short periods a limited number of times per day, however. Shifters suffered persecution from the church of the Silver Flame several decades back when it went on a crusade against lycanthropes, initially considering them to be equally dangerous and unnatural, but the church later admitted that this was an error and reclassified them as a distinct and natural race.

Changelings developed through the breeding of humans and doppelgangers. While they do not have the full shapechanging and telepathic abilities of doppelgangers, they still have a minor change shape ability that allows them to take on other appearances at will. Changelings lack a distinct culture and history of their own, instead using their abilities to blend in to the societies they live in, in many cases keeping their true race a secret to all.

Finally, Eberron introduced the Kalashtar — humans bound with a spiritual psychic connection to a Quori, a creature originally from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams [6]. This bonding first happened hundreds of years ago and resulted in a new and distinct race with minor physical differences from humans and significant mental ones; Kalashtar have psionic abilities and some degree of shared memory due to the common spirit they share with their ancestors.

As for traditional races, elves are relative newcomers to the continent of Khorvaire. Originally the elves were slaves to a race of giants on the continent of Xen'drik. They escaped to and founded a nation on the smaller continent of Aerenal. Aerenal elves in Eberron practice a form of ancestor worship. On Aerenal, those elves deemed to be particularly beneficial to the race are magically revived as Undying. The lich-like beings are enchanted with positive energy instead of the negative energy that animates undead. The Undying act as counselors to the Aerenal elves. Elves have occupied parts of Khorvaire sporadically, only recently forming their own nation there known as Valenar. Valenar elves hold different traditions from Aerenal elves, and stress bringing glory to their Xen'drik ancestors through combat. [7] [8]

Dwarves, by legend, originated from the arctic subcontinent of Frostfell and now live in a region called the Mror Holds. In addition to their traditional role as elite warriors, they also put much importance on wealth, and their dragonmarked house -- House Kundarak -- is used throughout Khorvaire for banking. [9] [10] Halflings usually live in nomadic tribes in the Talenta Plains where they train dinosaurs as mounts.

In the Eberron campaign setting, orcs are portrayed in a more positive light than in most campaign settings. Given to spirituality and nature-worship, they established successful societies, learning druidic secrets from the green dragon Vvaraak while the goblinoid races built a mighty empire, some 16,000 years ago. The orc societies took a massive blow during the daelkyr invasion 9,000 ago, though it was the orcs now known as the Gatekeepers who were able to stop the invasion by sealing the daelkyr beneath Eberron and severing the link between Eberron and the daelkyr home plane of Xoriat. The Gatekeeper druidic sect remains a presence in Eberron, albeit one largely concerned with defending the world from outsiders, aberrations and other unnatural foes rather than politics.

Gnomes commonly live in their own country of Zilargo and are considered excellent shipwrights, the masters of elemental binding, information seekers, and social manipulators. [11] [12] . Because of widespread immigration though, any race can be found anywhere on Khorvaire.

Other significant races and monsters to Eberron include goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears) who had an empire which once dominated Khorvaire, but after a period of decline now are reduced to a single country. [13] Drow, like elves, were also once slaves to the giants, but unlike the elves they remained in Xen'drik. They use scorpion imagery but they do not venerate scorpions as drow in Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms do for spiders. Rather than being a subrace of elves, Keith Baker considers drow their own distinctive race. A special warped race of drow called the Umbragen or the shadow elves also exists, with information on them revealed in Dragon magazine and the computer game Dragonshard.

Couatl — good creatures of positive energy — are responsible (with the aid of the dragons) for bringing an end to the Age of Demons 100,000 years before the campaign begins. Most couatl have bound themselves to the force known as the Silver Flame, which now has a church devoted to it.

Rakshasas are part of an evil organization called the Lords of Dust who scheme in Khorvaire to release their godlike masters from Khyber. These evil spirits are the undisputed masters of illusion, treachery, and subversion, and they have a hand in the politics of practically every nation of Khorvaire.

Daelkyr are extremely powerful, evil creatures from Xoriat bound within Khyber who seek to eventually break their seals and bring madness to Eberron.

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